05 January 2010

Courier tablet to be revealed at CES?

The New York Times is indicating that Microsoft and HP are going to be presenting a new consumer tablet at CES.  This could be the rumored Courier tablet or it could be some other slate type device that is more geared for consumers.  HP has been experimenting with touch screen based computers for the last couple of years in addition to being one of the earlier OEMs releasing a Tablet PC.  However the rumors are now going that this multi-screen Tablet is going to be launched in order to take some of the pizzazz away from Apple and their tablet.  Only have to wait until tomorrow to find out - and if the rumors are true, I'll definitely be trying to get a look while I'm at CES.

Update:  Seems that many sources say that the New York Times didn't get its facts straight and thus, Microsoft won't be announcing a tablet, only 7 hours now to SteveB's keynote.

Update 2:  Nothing to see here.  SteveB just showed off a new Tablet from HP, that has a touch input display and not the fabled or rumored Courier device, just good old Windows 7 with HP's Touch interface shell.

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