05 March 2010

Moving On...

I've been maintaining two copies of this blog for a while... however in an effort to cut down on redundancy, I've moved my blog over to WordPress.  For new articles and insights into mobile technology, follow me here.

Thanks for reading!

02 March 2010


There has been a lot of buzz about the Notion Ink Adam. It’s basically an Android Tablet with a PixelQi display. The premise is that it will allow the device to have a very long run time with a relatively small battery. While some of the blogs have indicated that this will be an extremely competitive device with the iPad, after watching this video I was left pretty underwhelmed. There is some great technology in the product, but there is no clear differentiation from a software or content ecosystem. Thus those who want to tinker and build some interesting application have a platform on which to do so, but there’s nothing here to recommend to the average user.

If you really want to build solutions in the consumer electronics middle-space between the cell phone and the notebook, then you need to provide more value to the end consumer than a set of raw technologies. The clear differentiators needed are device software, services and a rich content ecosystem. iPad has these, what about your solution?